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Lennox PURE CBD 5% / 500 mg - 10ml

Lennox PURE CBD 5% / 500 mg - 10ml

Lennox PURE CBD 5% / 500 mg - 10ml

5% or 500mg fully purified and distilled Premium CBD oil - 10ml
Our Lennox Pure CBD oil contains 5% or 500mg Cannabidiol. 
Lennox Pure CBD is made in the Netherlands and is the most purified CBD oil available. Our Pure CBD oil is completely transparent in colour and is also odourless and tasteless. Lennox Pure CBD contains 0% THC and these special properties make Lennox Pure CBD perfect for people who do not like the taste of regular CBD or who do not want any trace of THC in their CBD oil.

What is it exactly?
Lennox Pure CBD is a neutral, odourless and tasteless CBD oil that contains 0% THC.
It is made with CBD Distillate, which is combined with MCT oil and is available in 2 CBD strengths of 5,000 and 10,000 mg CBD.
As of this moment. Lennox Pure CBD is available in 10ml bottles with a child proof safety lock. More variations are in the works.
For more information about CBD in general, please have a look at our CBD info page HERE.

Who is it for?
The Pure CBD is for anyone who would like to use a completely THC-free product or for anyone who does not like the taste of hemp seed oil, which is usually combined with CBD.
The Lennox Pure CBD oil must not be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

CBD Distillate
Our Pure CBD oil is made with one of the purest and most rich forms of CBD; CBD Distillate.
Not to be confused with a CBD isolate, of which the majority of CBD products available in Hong Kong are made, CBD Distillate contains the benefits of the entire hemp plant whereas CBD Isolate is deliberately manufactured so that it will only contain CBD. For Isolate, the extraction process removes everything that is not CBD. This means that CBD isolate does not contain any terpenes or other cannabinoids, which are so important. a CBD distillate contains the benefits of the entire hemp plant. The only thing removed is the THC. This means that CBD distillate contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids and vitamins. Even though it contains more of the cannabis plant, a CBD distillate will not get you high and is completely legal to have. It undergoes an added processing step to remove any THC that remains from the plant.
Lennox Pure CBD contains the purest form of CBD distillate and is combined with organic MCT oil (made from 100% natural organic coconut oil) which makes a completely natural and hugely beneficial product. (Yes, we are very proud of it!)

We use the best available ingredients for all our products and this also applies to the Pure CBD oil.
The Lennox Pure CBD oil contains organic MCT oil (made from 100% natural organic coconut oil) and CBD Distillate.

How do I use it?
Very easy!
Shake the bottle before each use and then start with one or two drops under your tongue. Keep the oil in your mouth for at least one minute before you swallow it. Do this up to three times a day.
If necessary, increase the number of drops after every 3 to 4 days to determine the dosage that works best for you.
Always start with a low dose and gradually increase the dose as you gain more experience.
We recommend the above method because your oil will be better absorbed into your system instead of traveling all the way through the digestive system.
Lennox Pure CBD has no perceptible taste.
As an alternative, you can choose to add it to your favourite beverage. Just add your drops to your morning coffee or tea!
Every person is unique and therefore it can sometimes take up to a few weeks to find the right dosage. So please be consistent and don't give up too quickly!
Each 10ml bottle of Lennox Pure CBD contains approx. 250 drops. This allows you to easily determine and maintain your own dosage.

Tested. Again and again.
Before a Lennox product reaches your hands, every batch produced is tested for cleanliness and purity by an external laboratory using the best and latest technologies (Full HPLC), so we can guarantee the consistency of every product.
Each batch comes with an analysis certificate and with this we verify that the products you have received are made with only the best ingredients.
All analysis certificates of Lennox products can be found on our product as well as the "CBD Info" page.
Click - here - to view our 10% Pure CBD oil

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